Campaign 2022

Dear Neighbor,


First, let me say what an honor and a privilege it has been serving the people of Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rupert, Tinmouth, and Wells in the Vermont House of Representatives for the past two years. Between Covid policies, inflation, and rising energy prices these have been especially challenging times for folks trying to make ends meet, and we need common sense leadership that listens to people more than ever.


When I ran my first race two years ago, I knocked on nearly every door in the district and listened to what people had to say. What I heard was that an overwhelming majority did not want and could not afford a new tax on gasoline and diesel fuels that was being proposed and pushed by leadership in the majority party and my then opponent in the race.


I listened!


I opposed the Carbon Tax on motor fuels in my campaign and, after winning the election, followed through on my promises and opposed it and similar taxes on home heating fuels in the State House. When Governor Scott vetoed the Clean Heat Carbon Tax bill that would have raised the cost of heating our homes even higher than they are now, his veto was thankfully sustained – by just one single vote, mine included.


This is what my constituents sent me to Montpelier to do.


If re-elected, I will continue to oppose such carbon taxes when they are re-introduced – and they unfortunately will be as the Vermont Climate Council has already stated these will be part of their legislative policy recommendations for 2023 -- for the simple reason that my constituents overwhelmingly oppose them and, now more than ever, still can’t afford them.


Another important issue I heard about was broadband and cell coverage. I was delighted to serve on the Energy & Technology Committee where I could really have some influence over these policies, and I am gratified that we did end up passing a law that will lead to better and more equitable access to broadband in the near future. I did vote YES on a bill to expand cell coverage, but unfortunately the majority on my committee voted no. So, there is more work to be done next year.


What I hear from constituents today is that they are worried about inflation and the rising cost of living generally (but particularly for gasoline, diesel, and, with an eye toward when it starts to get colder, home heating fuel), increasing property tax bills, and an economy that appears to be heading into recession. The ideological pet projects and celebrity causes hyped by most of the special interest groups don’t make the priorities list!


Being a freshman legislator during Covid provided me with the somewhat unique perspective of serving my first session in 2021 “from home” here in the district. It wasn’t until the 2022 session that I actually experienced what it was like to serve “under the Golden Dome.” The lesson this imparted is that there are stark contrasts between what regular people are saying around the kitchen table and what the political class is chattering about in the State House cafeteria.


I don’t see it as my job as a legislator to broker compromises between competing special interest groups and lobbyists. I’m here to listen to you, and I’m there to fight for you. This is the lesson I will never forget, and it will guide my service for as long you, my friends and neighbors, allow me to represent you.


I hope I honored your vote of confidence in 2020 and earned it again for 2022!


With deepest thanks and respect,


Representative Sally Achey

Serving Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rupert, Tinmouth, & Wells


PS. If you would like to support my campaign, volunteer, or just learn more, feel free to email me at, call 802-438-3345, or visit my website at




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